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Case Study #1: State Small Business Investment Funds (SSBCI)
Forte LLP was contracted by the State of Nevada Commission on Economic Development to research, develop, write, and submit a grant to the Federal Treasury Department to obtain $13.8 million in small business investment funds from the SSBCI program which went into effect pursuant to Federal legislation in 2010.  We completed the grant preparation and worked with the Federal Treasury SSBCI team to complete the grant request within the timeframe required by the SSBCI regulations.  As a result of our work, Nevada received the $13.8 million in small business funds.  The purpose of these funds is to provide additional collateral for businesses wishing to relocate in Nevada or to grow existing businesses.  All disbursements must result in new projects or expansion of existing projects located in Nevada and must include new jobs for Nevada residents.  Our contract with the Commission is ongoing requiring Forte to assist in assuring the project rollout meets all the requirements pursuant to the Federal Treasury regulations.  We are developing the protocol for new business participation in conjunction with the Nevada banker’s and the Commission. We are also handling all compliance reporting.

Case Study #2: City of Fernley C-Tax
Forte LLP signed a contract with the City to assist them with government and regulatory relations. One ongoing issue that continues to create concerns for Fernley is the underpayment of C-Taxes. Although the City is an incorporated city, the Nevada Department of Taxation continues to reimburse the City’s C-Tax as they did 10-years ago when it was an unincorporated town. We have worked with the City to establish underpayment amounts, met with their legislative delegation to review the problem, held numerous meetings with the Department of taxation regarding the calculation, and carried a bill at the 2011 Nevada Legislature to amend existing law which resulted in an interim study of the entire C-Tax structure.  We continue to work with the City on this issue including upcoming meetings with the Governor and his senior staff and the Department of Taxation. We will participate in the Interim Study on the collection and allocation structure of Nevada’s C-Tax. Although we’ve not fully resolved the problem we have made significant progress by bringing this issue to the attention of the State Legislators, Department of Taxation, and the Governor.

Case Study #3: Lobbying In State Legislatures Throughout The West
The partners of Forte LLP have long-term connections at the Nevada Legislature.  We have more than 20 years experience working with the legislative and regulatory process in Nevada.  We have worked with many industries including banking and finance, telecommunications, mining, health care providers, insurance companies, and engineering companies.  We routinely handle on a pro-bono basis non-profit groups and education. We have worked on behalf of governments and businesses to assure new laws and regulations benefit both our clients and the impacted residents. We have also worked the legislature in other states including California, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana, and Colorado. Our success rate as lobbyists includes passage of mining tax legislation, telecommunications licensing legislation, comprehensive scope-of-practice legislation, and (finance or banking legislation).

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