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Lobbying is the art of influencing decisions made by government officials by individuals, other legislators, constituents, or advocacy groups. Lobbyists are educators who attempt to influence legislation on behalf of a special interest group by providing complementary, balanced information, education, resources, and advocacy, also known as “gentle pressure, relentlessly applied.” The State of Nevada regulates lobbying and lobbyists, and all lobbyists must register with the State of Nevada.

Lobbying, Grassroots Advocacy and Legislative Presence
“Ninety percent of life,” it has been said, “is showing up.” This is particularly true for the legislative process, where having a skilled advocate and negotiator on your side has a measurable effect on the outcome of issues and interests. At Forte LLP, we participate in active legislative and public affairs advocacy. Working with you, we develop and execute your legislative presence. Working on your behalf, we present written and oral testimony to the Nevada Legislature, and we educate legislative members and other stakeholders about the issues that concern you most.

Public Outreach
With public opinion behind it, nothing can fail, and so it is with public outreach as a component in your overall government and community affairs strategy. Working from a well-considered strategic plan, we methodically educate the public and policymakers on issues that concern you, very often tipping the balance of power in our clients’ favor.

Community Relations
It’s not who you know; it’s who knows you. That’s why Forte LLP works with you to introduce you to the community and to policymakers. When you become an integral part of the community, it creates a positive perception of your business and enhancing your business opportunities.

Issue Tracking & Management
Who’s keeping score on the issues that matter to you most? At Forte LLP, we help our clients keep track of issues as they work their way through the legislature and deliver clear, concise reporting to keep you educated and informed at every step in the process.

Event Planning & Implementation
Your organization, group, or cause can benefit tremendously from social, charitable, and special events, where access to, and networking with powerbrokers and policymakers seems to happen effortlessly, even though much planning and coordination is involved behind the scenes. Forte LLP has elevated event planning and implementation to a high art, and our talented team attends to the details so you or your representatives can attend the party—and make the most of it.

Consulting On The Legislative Process
Success in government and regulatory affairs depends on understanding who the players are and how the game is played. At Forte LLP, our unique insights into the players, positions, and politics surrounding the legislative process help us bring you solutions. We also offer clinics to guide and educate you about your state legislature, offering you an up-close-and-personal look that will help you to better navigate the legislative process on your own, or in partnership with your Forte team.

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